It was a beautiful day for a parade on Saturday, and several semis made their way through 11 different towns in Southeast Minnesota to cruise for a cause.

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In 2020, the first Truck Parade made its way through Southeast Minnesota to honor all of the essential workers who continued to work and help make our world go around through the COVID-19 pandemic.

In 2021, the semis got back together to cruise through Southeast Minnesota again, going through Canton, Harmony, Preston, Fountain, Wykoff, Spring Valley, Grand Meadow, Stewartville, Eyota, St. Charles, and Chatfield.

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Our very own superstar Ilene Edwards was able to take some pictures for us as the parade passed through Preston. She, once again, was in awe of all of the big rigs that made the parade possible. She also mentioned just how much fun you could see the drivers having.

"I had the perfect spot at the Pop Up Market in Preston. You could really see on the drivers' faces how much fun they were having and the pride in their cabs," Edwards said. "It's probably the only time they can continuously blast their air horns and squeal their brakes and not get pulled over! Many had their children with them. Huge smiles and waves. It really made me emotional to think how much we depend on the trucking industry and the hit that it took over the past year."

I think she hit the nail on the head. It was a great parade not just to honor the essential workers, but also a way for us to say thank you to all in the trucking industry and what they do for us!

See some of the photos below. It again was an amazing day!

Big Rigs Parade Across Southeast Minnesota

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