Blake Shelton's new single, "Hell Right," is officially out in the world for fans' listening pleasure. The rugged but rowdy track features vocals from Trace Adkins; press play above to listen!

"Hell right, hell right / Everybody's throwin' down on a Friday night / Somewhere in America, there's a bottle to burn and a fire to light," goes the chorus of "Hell Right," an anthemic interlude to Shelton and Adkins' speak-singing in the verses. "You ain't done nothin' if you did it halfway / If you're gonna raise hell, then you better damn raise hell right / Hell right."

"Hell Right" is Shelton's second single of 2019, following "God's Country," which came out in late March and reached No. 1 on the Billboard Country Airplay chart in July. (He also appears on the new track "Dive Bar" with Garth Brooks.) David Garcia, Brett Tyler and Hardy -- who co-penned "God's Country" alongside Devin Dawson and Jordan Schmidt -- co-wrote Shelton's new single.

While Shelton has chosen to cut a couple of songs he particularly liked -- and turned them around to country radio quickly -- these singles aren't leading up to an album release, at least anytime soon. "I don’t really think I’m working on an album still, to be honest with you," Shelton said at his recent No. 1 party for "God's Country."

"I just want to record some songs and release them," he continues. "I’m loving just recording a song and putting it out there."

The country singer is plenty busy starring as a judge on NBC's TV singing competition The Voice, and has an impressive enough back catalog that there's no rush for new music. It's inevitable that Shelton will be some sort of record package eventually, he says, but until then, he's going with the flow of the changing music business, and is okay with his music performing well as singles in the post-streaming climate.

"I kind of love this weird spot we’re in. It’s a blast for me just to sit back and go, 'Okay, what else y’all got? I’ll go cut it next week,'" Shelton says. "I don’t know about a direction, to be honest with you. I’m just having fun. All I wanna do is make the records that I wanna make with the people that I wanna make ‘em with. Outside of that, I don’t care how they package it or what they do with it."

No matter how Shelton decides to continue moving forward -- whether he releases more spontaneous singles or makes a more concerted effort toward a larger release -- he's having fun. He admitted that he does have more music recorded, but he's made no promises as to how soon the world may hear them.

"I’m kind of glad I don’t have an album ... because if that was a situation, we probably wouldn’t have this new song that we’re super pumped about," Shelton says. "We got a ton of stuff recorded. Will all of it see the light of day? The way the music industry works these days, probably, but I don’t know when or how."

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