When you gotta go, you gotta go, and long-distance running is definitely something that makes you gotta go.

The Boston Marathon was this week, and video was shared from a doorbell camera of a guy who couldn't make it to one of the porta-potty stops along the race's 26.2-mile-long route.

There were 30,000 runners, most of whom can wait the 3-5 hours it takes to finish the race to use the bathroom, but when you're dealing with the most natural laxative there is, sometimes you can't hold out for that.

Video doorbell shows the runner come into the yard, find a spot behind the hedges in the corner, and drops trou right there.

attachment-boston marathon

The guy craps for a minute or so, and even gets caught by who looks to be the homeowner or someone who knows the homeowner.

Babz via Twitter
Babz via Twitter

Once he got his pants back up, he snuck back out of the bushes to the race route, surely embarrassed, and surely with a poopy butthole. I imagine embarrassment aside, the dude did not have a comfortable finish to the race.

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