If your travels put you in downtown Rochester after it's dark these days, you already know that the crows are back-- but we're not the only Rochester they've invaded.

I took this picture earlier this week just after I arrived at the Quick Country studios early in the morning. Our building is located on the corner of 2nd Av. and 4th St., and there is one big tree on the property, growing near the boulevard along 4th St.

As I got out of my SUV, I could hear quite a commotion, with the muffled sound of feathered wings flapping. I looked up to see a fairly sizeable flock of the Med City’s favorite fowl – that’d be the crows, of course – all jostling for position in this tree. I’m not sure how many of them were roosting there, but there seemed to be a lot them, both in the tree and flying around above the parking lot.

The vast number of birds silhouetted against the dark, grey sky made the scene seem a little creepy and Halloween-like, despite the fact that Thanksgiving is under two weeks away. And, of course, there was also the, uh, ‘evidence’ of the flock’s existence all over the hood of my vehicle, too. And their presence has the city of Rochester out with its Crow Busting squad, trying to scare them out of downtown.

Interestingly, the Med City isn’t the only place that’s dealing with a huge influx of crows. The other Rochester, our city’s namesake in New York, is dealing with the same thing. In fact, when I was doing some research on the tactics our Rochester is using to get the crows to move on, Google actually gave me a story about what the Empire State's Rochester is doing to combat the crows. Hint: It looks pretty similar to what they're doing here. I wonder if the two Rochesters have compared notes?

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