Brad Pitt reportedly keeps a running list of actors he refuses to work with, according to one of his co-stars.

The Fight Club star currently stars in Bullet Train alongside Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Sandra Bullock. This past weekend, the film opened with a respectable $30 million in ticket sales according to ABC News, putting it at the top spot ahead of DC League of Super Pets, Nope and Thor: Love and Thunder.

While at the Locarno Film Festival in Sweden, Taylor-Johnson opened up about working with Pitt. He referred to his co-star as a "humble and gracious human being," according to Variety.

"He is in a new chapter of his life, I think," Taylor-Johnson said. "He just wants to bring light and joy into the world and be around people who are there to have a good time."

The actor added both he and Pitt have developed opinions about certain co-stars while working in the movie industry over the years. Some they want to collaborate with again; others... not so much.

"After a while you start making notes: 'I am definitely not working with this person ever again,'" he explained. "Brad has this list too: the 'good' list and the s--t list."

While Taylor-Johnson didn't name any names that have wound up on Pitt's blacklist, it would appear a couple of Pitt's Bullet Train co-stars are indeed on his "good" list. For instance, The Daily Mail notes the Troy star has had nothing but good things to say about Bullock.

"Sandy is an old friend. She's a diehard person I could call for favors over the years and I have done many, many times and she's always there," Pitt gushed.

The actor, who appeared in Bullock's film The Lost City, which premiered earlier this year and features Channing Tatum and Daniel Radcliffe, also expressed interest in working together again in the future.

Pitt also complimented Bullet Train actress and "powerhouse" Joey King. "Listen, I consider us pretty sharp, but she's the sharpest of us all," he said.

However, by the sound of it, Pitt's list might not be in action much longer. He hinted at retirement earlier this year and told GQ he "considers [himself] to be on [his] last leg."

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