Even stars' wives need a little help sometimes getting their bodies back in shape following childbirth. Jason Aldean's wife, Brittany, announced her partnership as a spokesperson for popular nutrition plan the South Beach Diet on Tuesday (Sept. 17), but she also let fans know that she also tries to keep healthy in various no-pressure ways as well.

Brittany says she gained 40 pounds with both of her babies (son Memphis and daughter Navy, who are just 14 months apart), and that snapping back into fighting form after the second one was difficult. She had some inspiring words for other mamas who are struggling with their postpartum figures.

Like many of us, Brittany doesn't find going the gym too much fun, nor as a busy mom does she have much time to go whenever she feels like it. Therefore: “My go-to fitness routine is anything that’s just naturally active. I like to do activities,” she told People, explaining that she likes fitting in things such as taking a walk with her kids during the day.

The former cheerleader no doubt had some high expectations of herself to get back into shape quickly after her babies, but she assures other mothers that it's OK to take some time. "I had to give myself some grace," she says. "I felt like if I took charge and focused on my health and what I was putting into my body, that would reflect on the outside. I feel very healthy," she notes.

The South Beach Diet is popular with other stars such as Jessie James Decker, who credit the low-carb regime with helping them look great in their bikinis following childbirth.

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