A couple of Byron High School students are learning what it's like to feel the heat inside a real kitchen, by experiencing the ins and outs of a local hot spot.

Chef Jim Nicholas of Wildwood Sports Bar and Grill in Rochester is seen both in house, and on TV sharing his love of food with southeast Minnesota... but now he's taking it to the next level by allowing a pair of eager learners that are interested in the restaurant business to take a peak on what goes down inside a successful operation on a day-to-day basis.

Both Riley, and Derrick have been working with Jim and the Wildwood staff Tuesday - Friday morning for one hour each day learning the daily duties of the business. They learn both front and back of house operations, how to prepare the dining room to be one for business, why they market things, wash windows and prepping various food items. Nicholas has also given them a weekly task of creating food specials and then figuring out the cost of that item.

We are trying to encourage kids to be excited about the business. This is a great career choice if you have the passion and work ethic to support it, said Jim Nicholas.

Speaking of creations, Wildwood isn't letting the boys fool around in the kitchen for nothing. The restaurant is currently running the students creations as their daily specials! Riley named this one The Sunrise Burger, which features bacon, egg, & hollandaise:

Credit: Wildwood

Last week, Derrick whipped up his Kickin' Chicken Sammich for #fatpantsfriday. This crispy fried chicken sandwich was topped with pulled pork, bacon, bbq, and melted pepper jack cheese.

Credit: Wildwood

I think it's great that these kids are getting the time and experience to learn the ins and outs of the restaurant business, especially within a popular eatery such as Wildwood. I hope they use these new skills and go on to have successful careers of their own!

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