Hint: They're a friend of Guy Fieri. Another hint: It's not Guy Fieri.


According to a new survey done by USDirect, Minnesota's favorite chef is Alton Brown of Good Eats. They explain, "Using Google Trends, we cooked up a list of the most popular celebrity chefs per state, then compiled them into one bite-size map."

Apparently, our neighbors to the east like Paul Hollywood. The Dakotas seem to love Rachel Ray.

This has me wondering why Minnesotans like Alton Brown so much. He's not even a Minnesotan after all! He's from California. However, I do know quite a few local Minnesotans like enjoy watching him on Iron Chef, thank you very much.

Alton's show Good Eats took a hiatus but is now back on The Food Network combining food and comedy. Are you happy to see it, and Alton, back?

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