"No amount of love will fix him. No amount of cuddling or even medicine will either."

Despite the amount of anxiety Rochester golden retriever (Pedro) holds onto, his family is doing the best they can to keep him calm.

You may or may not realize this, but you probably know Pedro's family already... well, one family member in particular. Pedro shares a home with ABC 6 News Meteorologist Cindy Morgan. In fact, Cindy was so concerned about Pedro's anxiety that she turned to her almost 5,000 Facebook fans to see if they had suggestions on how to calm him.

"He's afraid of life. Sometimes he bites when he's scared, other times he cowers," she explains.

The most heartfelt part about Cindy's post (to me anyway), was the determination to help Pedro and her realization that he's otherwise a normal dog and loves him anyway. I'm a dog lover too, and I'm sure it hurts her family to see Pedro upset.

Pedro isn't alone in his anxiety. Pet MD explains, "Like people, dogs are quite attuned to changes in their environment and even the simplest upsetting of this balance can cause stress. For example, moving into a new home is apt to distress a dog. The addition of strangers and new pets, or the removal of other people and pets, can also lead to anxiety. The same goes for new and unfamiliar pet carriers, feeding dishes, and even changes in your brand of dog food." So, it's hard to pin down what exactly your pooch might be anxious about.

As I investigated further, it seemed like drugs were the most common solution to calming an anxious doggo. However, it's not the only solution. The AVMA seemed to offer three other options.

I feel for Cindy and her family on this. Do you do anything special to keep your pooch calm?

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