Thursday is garbage pick-up day in our neighborhood in northwest Rochester and some houses will have their trash out later today. So, is it okay to toss something in somebody else’s container?

The reason I ask is, last week I noticed another woman walking her black lab, carrying the tell-tale little plastic baggie. Now, if you’re a responsible dog owner, you know what’s inside: That’s right, dog poo.

When you take your dog for a walk, you always have to bring a plastic bag, just in case your dog happens to do their business along the way. (I usually carry two when Asher and I are out for our daily walk.) Then, you scoop it up, and carry it with you until you get home and can dispose of it properly, right?

Or, if you’re the woman I saw last week, you just toss the baggie into whichever house’s garbage container is the closest – which happened to be our neighbor's house.

I saw another person do this same thing about a year ago, so maybe it’s more common than I think. And, because this was before the garbage had been picked up, there probably wasn’t an issue. I don't care if anyone tosses a baggie of dog poo into our trash, either – as long as it's before the garbage is picked up.

I get it. Nobody, myself included, likes to carry a baggie filled with dog poo along with them on their walk – especially if you’re just starting out.

And, I’m sure the house whose container this woman tossed her baggie into was none the wiser. But is that a thing? Can you do that?

What say you?

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