Many kiddos have challenges that they face each and every day that many of us don't fully understand. That is why it is so important to have resources readily available to parents, to help their kids tackle their daily challenges. Caravel Autism Health center just opened in Rochester according to KTTC.

Caravel Autism Health provides at home and center resources for kids with autism. The new facility has multiple rooms specifically designed to help the needs of all kids with autism. The article states the center uses applied behavior analysis to help develop skills and confidence these kids need while decreasing the negative behaviors. The center's website says that at the center they can diagnose, treat and they even have highbred programs that treat at both the center and at your house.

This new facility will treat kids from the age of 18 months to 18 years old. Staff says that the earlier the child is diagnosed with autism, the more likely they will be able to go to kindergarten with minimal assistance. The ideal time for the diagnosis is before the age of two. That way unwanted behaviors can be corrected before they become an issue.

The center is located by the Rochester Athletic Club and is the first in Minnesota. The goal is to spread the love to other parts of the state. Currently, there is a plan in the works to open a center in Mankato in 2020. It's great to see these resources in our community.

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