Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher have been married 9 years on July 10, and they are are the definition of #couplegoals. Always a supportive husband, Fisher continuously raves about his wife. Whether he's praising her ability as a mother, her vocal talent, or simply complimenting his wife's beauty, it is evident that Fisher is counting his blessings when it comes to Underwood.

One glimpse at his Instagram page, and it's clear that the retired hockey star puts his country singing wife on a pedestal in the sweetest way. If he's like this in public, he must be straight sugar behind the scenes.

1. When he was so nostalgic about marrying her.

On countless occasions, Fisher has confessed that he "married up." On the couple's anniversary in 2016, he shared this throwback photo from their wedding day to commemorate the special occasion.

2. That time he took his personal Carrie Barbie doll for a stroll.

While Underwood was busy hosting the 2017 CMA Awards, Fisher cheered her on from the audience (and backstage). He also had a Carrie lookalike Barbie doll in his suit pocket as his date, which is almost as good as the real thing! Okay, not quite.

3. When he described her as "beautiful scenery."

It's one thing to call your wife pretty, but to compare her beauty to a mountain range, sunset or ocean view is a compliment on another level. And judging by this photo taken while the two were on a horseback riding date, we have to agree with him!

4. When he realized how lucky he is to have a wife who prays for him.

Fisher has a knack for taking beautiful photos of his wife and their young son, Isaiah, and this Mother's Day post and the heartfelt message attach strikes a chord. Not only does he thank the singer for being a great mother to their son, but Fisher goes one step further in praising her faith and continuous love.

5. When he snapped this pic and gushed about her, and only her, on their anniversary.

Have you ever seen Carrie look more smitten than she does here? This is love, folks. Of all of the pictures Fisher has posted of his country-singing wife, this is probably the sweetest — and he gushes his love in the caption, too. Swoon!

6. When he called her his trophy, and he meant it in a super-sweet way.

It's one thing to dress up for Halloween when you have children, but it's an entirely different level of commitment to couple up for a costume party in matching costumes. It's not clear where they were headed, but we know what he meant when he said he was "trophy catchin'."

7. When he was — and always is — her biggest cheerleader.

Fisher couldn't attend the 2016 CMA Awards, but that didn't stop him from publicly congratulating his wife on a very big win. But he didn't stop there — the hockey player continued with a message about Underwood's "incredible gift," how much she inspires him in how she devotes herself to God.

8. When he raved about her superior mom skills.

In Fisher's eyes, Underwood is "the best mom in the world." We're just thankful he gave us this rare peek at what he sees when she's offstage and at home. Underwood and Isaiah aren't much more than a silhouette against a gorgeous lake background here, but somehow, this picture speaks a million words about the couple's relationship.

9. When he raved about her momming skills again

Fisher knows he's blessed — Carrie truly does it all! Here she is backstage, feeding the couple's second-born son while getting her hair done and prepping for a show. She's the definition of "great mother."

Suffice it to say: Fisher is grateful for another year that Underwood is his bride and his appreciation for his wife only continues to grow.

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