And just like that, another restaurant in Rochester is saying au revoir.

Casablanca Restaurant, located in the Barlow Plaza, announced on their Facebook page, Casablanca Creative Cuisine & Wine, the unfortunate news that they were closing their doors on Tuesday, August 11th.  Here's the message that they left for their fans:

Good evening friends! We were hoping to hold off on posting until we had complete certainty of the future but that hasn't quite panned out.
We would like to extend a HUGE THANK YOU to all of our followers, friends and guests alike for helping us sustain for this long. We all have to face reality as sad as it may be.
As of tomorrow (August 11, 2020) "Casablanca Restaurant" will be no longer. DON'T FRET JUST YET however, as we are planning on returning to the culinary scene soon. It may be in a month or possibly months. We are looking at a new location, name and vibe!
We would like to take this moment to reflect and toast to you, our beloved family, friends and guests who have been with us since day one cheering us on and keeping the dream alive. You will not be forgotten and forever embedded in our hearts.
Peace, love and cheers friends!
Amber and Chef Bojji

I'll be the one to say it first publicly, I'm going to miss their amazing food and atmosphere but I'm excited to see what they will be doing next!

One business that you don't want to see close up in Rochester is...?  Let me know the one you would miss, or the one that is already gone, on my Facebook page (Jessica On The Radio) or Instagram.

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