We JUST got done with the hassle of school shopping so I know that Halloween costumes already seems like overload but hear me out. I'm a bargain kind of girl and last year I waited until the last minute (2 weeks before Halloween) and ended up paying nearly $100 for my 2 kids' costumes. One wear and its done and if you're LUCKY, you can maybe sell them. Maybe.

I'm an Amazon Prime girl for a whole bunch of reasons but Costco really is "my place" to shop for darn near everything. Halloween costumes will now be one f them but only if you get in now! If you aren't a Costco member, hang on. This can still help you.  Sizes for your kids favorite costumes like Dash from Incredible's, Spiderman, Moana and Enchanted just to name a few, are dissapearing! Why, because this is an amazing deal!


Most of the costumes are around $17.99 except for a select few. I bought Incredibles for my almost 4 year old for that exact price (plus my membership bonus discount) On Amazon, the comparable was $24.99 or more. The Teetot Butterly Fairy Princes is only $24.99 at Costco and is over $39 on Amazon.

If you don't have a membership (you really should), here are your options.

1) Go with a friend. They will have to pay but you can pay them.

2) Get gift cards. If you have a Costco gift card you can shop there.

3) Just get a card! There is a lot of ways to save AND earn with Costco! My family of 4 have found a lot of benefits like snacks they go through, has discounts to drive you them all over AND Only in Rochester you can get 25 cents per gallon in-store credit! After all you do for your family, find out how Costco pays me to drink wine!

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