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It was definitely a bummer when we heard that the Minnesota State Fair wasn't going to be held in 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic. But it does save us all some money, though!

If we look back at 2019, the last year the Great Minnesota Get-Together was held (which now seems like 100 years ago, doesn't it?!?) here's a look at what a typical day at the Fair could cost. The Great Minnesota Get-Together has been a great place to go with your family for many years now, but like many things, costs keep going up. And while there's no 'average' day at the Fair-- because there are so many things to do-- KARE 11 did a story last year to try to find out what a 'typical' day at the Fair would cost.

In their story, they figured in the cost of tickets, parking, lunch, two food snacks, a few rides on the midway, and a souvenir. They didn't include any adult beverages like wine or beer in their total (hello, getting some Mini Donut Beer is pretty much the only reason I head to the Fair!) and they also didn't include any tickets to a show in the Grandstand.

Their typical day came out to cost you about $106 dollars per person. Now, looking through our records, I tried to tally up what my wife and I spent the last year we went to the Fair two years ago. According to my 2018 Facebook post, over the course of about 10 hours at the Fair, I had a Pronto Pup, an Up North Puff Pastry, some Walleye Mac and Cheese, and a S'Mores Nordic Waffle. I also enjoyed a Mini Donut Beer, 'The Kloser' IPA, Key Lime Pie Beer, and a Hamm's during the Sugarland show in the Grandstand.

To keep things even with KARE's story, I didn't include our tickets to see Sugarland, who played the Fair that year. But even with $25 to park at the Shanghai Market off Como Avenue AND our admission tickets, my total was in the same neighborhood, but a little less-- coming in at about $101.

So instead of lamenting the fact that we're not able to take in the State Fair this year, maybe we should think of that $100 we're saving-- and go spend it on something else right?!?

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