What's your favorite part of the fair? If you don't say the food, you're lying. ;) I have beautiful news - even though fairs aren't happening this year, you can still get your fave fair food. Where? In the Apache Mall parking lot! Whoop-whoop. Solem Concessions has set up their Fair booth at the mall and will sell fresh cheese curds, footlong corn dogs, fresh-cut fries, and fresh-squeezed lemonade each day between 11a-8p.

In other not-so-beautiful (yet) news: It is full-on construction season and downtown Rochester is a mess. There are 8 construction projects currently happening in downtown, two of which began this morning. North Broadway between Civic Center Drive and North 1st Street is closed and will be until August! The other is near the Public Library and will impact travel.

What else is happening in the 507? A Facebook post was making the rounds over the weekend saying that Cheap Charlies was in danger of closing. The community rallied, a Go-Fund-Me was started, and over a thousand bucks was raised. Not long after, however, the person that started the Go-Fund-Me took it down. He said he had reached out to the owner, and they ensured him they would be ok. Everyone that donated will get their money back. Regardless, it's a great reminder to support your favorite local restaurants.

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