We've been dealing with a fairly quiet February so far, but could this year turn to be as snowy as last February was in Rochester?

We've all heard that old saying about if you don't like the current weather in Minnesota, wait five minutes and it'll change, right? Well, that sure happened last February here in Rochester-- and could history be repeating itself again this year too?

If you recall last year, Rah-Rah-Rochester set a record for the snowiest February EVER, when Old Man Winter dumped 40 inches of snow on us. It was the start of what turned out be also be the snowiest winter EVER too. But the month started out fairly calm and mild, before things changed and the weather pattern became more active. Did it ever!

And, not to sound the snowstorm alarm just yet, but could the weather end up doing much the same thing in southeast Minnesota? Now, I'm no meteorologist, mind you, but I noted this Tweet from the National Weather Service office in La Crosse, which is in charge of forecasting the weather for our neck of the woods.

And while there aren't any big snowstorms in our immediate forecast (outside of some light snow possible on Sunday), they did include this line that got me wondering about what might be on the way. "Current trends favor near-normal temperatures, with cold conditions to our west and warmth to the east. That setup could place us near the track of several storms, so we'll be closely watching over the coming week," NWS noted.

Does this mean the active weather pattern is kicking in-- and we'll be getting dumped on with 40 inches of snow again?!? (I actually wouldn't mind a big 'ol snowstorm. I'd rather have one now, in February, instead of getting dumped on in March or April!)

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