Did you hear about this? Residents in St. Paul were fed up about the lack of clean up, so they placed their trash on City Hall's doorstep.

It all started when St. Paul resident Erich Mische was fed up with the amount of trash in the area. Apparently, agencies responsible for cleanup couldn't decide who truly was required to pick up the trash in Erich's area, so the trash sat for a while.

Go MN News explains, "The city was hesitant to send people to the makeshift dump because the land was technically owned by the Minnesota Department of Transportation. Efforts by officials had moved forward in recent days, with city officials telling the paper the cleanup could happen as soon as April 5."

Erich and his neighbors took it upon themselves to clean up the area sooner, and that's when he had an interesting idea. He decided that City Hall should know about the discrepancy, and left the trash with them.

Which leads me to another question. Is it possible that someone could get this fed up with the amount of litter in Rochester? I noticed LOTS of litter along Highway 52, but I suppose that's to be expected.

Where in Rochester do we need a serious cleanup? Is it so bad that we'd leave it on Ardell Brede's doorstep?

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