The city of Rochester just increased its fines for parking violations, so here's a heads up about a bizarre case of how pigeon poo lead to a parking ticket!

With the number of geese of crows that love to congregate throughout Minnesota's Med City, I wouldn't be surprised if something like this happened here in Rochester. Perhaps it already has-- and we just haven't heard about it.

It's the story of Scott Coltart, who leaves in the U.K. and legally paid to park his car at a municipal parking lot. According to Fox News, things got a little murkier when his permit, which was fixed to the inside of his windshield, became tough to see... because it was covered in pigeon poo.

So, because all the poo was covering his permit, and authorities couldn't see if he was legally parked or not-- he was given a $200 ticket. The story noted Mr. Coltart tried to explain what had happened-- how he was, in fact, legally parked in the lot when the pigeons dropped a load on his car. The municipality was unmoved and insisted Scott pay the fine!

Really?!? We've all seen cars covered in crow and/or goose poo while parked downtown, right? I wondered if there'd ever been a similar case here in Rochester, so I called Rochester Municipal Parking where Mary told me she'd never heard of a case like that happening in our neck of the woods. She said I'd have to check with the City to see if there's an official policy, but to her knowledge, she doesn't believe anything like that has occurred here.

Still though, if I ever come out to my car when I'm leaving the station and it's covered in bird poo, I'm heading right to the car wash!

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