It was a mistake, but it turned out to be a pretty tasty one. Could something like this happen here in Rochester?


The AP story with the headline "Factory mishap paves street with chocolate" caught my attention this morning. I mean, outside of one of those stories where a semi filled with beer tips over and spill its load, is there any better kind of 'mistake'?!? I guess that's the chocoholic in me coming out, but still, it sounds pretty cool, doesn't it?

The story says the chocolatey mishap actually happened over in the small German town of Westoennen, west of Berlin. An error at the DreiMeister chocolate factory accidentally allowed chocolate to flow right out onto the street recently.

And then, because it's almost winter, it froze. Which caused quite the mess. "About 25 firefighters got the job of prying the chocolate coating off the pavement with shovels and using hot water and torches to remove remaining bits from cracks and holes," the story noted.

I'm sure it was messy, but it sounds delightful, doesn't it? (And it must have smelled great too!) Could something like this happen here in Rochester? Could there be a similar error at the Kemps plant along Broadway that could flood a nearby street with chocolate ice cream?

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