This video was taken in Alaska, but I don't see any reason why it wouldn't work here in Minnesota-- if you're crazy enough to try it, that is.

According to the YouTube post, Lake Kenai in Alaska was the setting for this incredible stunt. The gentlemen with the video equipment was approached by another man who asked if he was filming.

The next thing you know, the guy on the ice skates grabs his chainsaw, starts it up and begins to pull himself along the lake. It might be the first every chainsaw-propulsion stunt I've ever seen!

The post said the ice was quite deep on Lake Kenai, but it didn't say just HOW deep. I'd think some of our Minnesota lakes up north might work, though-- if you're crazy enough to try it. I know I'm not, though.

And, of course, you no doubt have to start the whole by saying, "Here! Hold my beer..." right?!?


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