It's been a huge event in Minnesota for the past several years, and now Red Bull's 'Crashed Ice' is coming back again to St. Paul in 2018-- with the longest and toughest course on its international tour.

If you're not familiar, Red Bull's 'Crashed Ice' series, where athletes skate four-wide down an iced track filled with twists, turns, drops and jumps, in attempt to secure the fastest time, made its debut in downtown St. Paul six years ago, back in 2011.

Since then, it's been wildly popular here in the Land of 10,000 (frozen) Lakes, routinely drawing crowds of over 100,000 people to the course, located near the St. Paul Cathedral.

And, now Red Bull has announced that the Minnesota course, set for January 19th and 20, 2018, will feature something new, the four-event Ice Cross Downhill Challenge, which this KARE-11 story says pits 64 men and 16 women against each other on the icy course-- including a few Minnesota natives.

One of the cool things-- literally-- about Crashed Ice is that admission is free, you just have to brave the crowds in St. Paul to get a seat. But, also new this year, the story says, it the chance to buy 'premium seating.' You can get all the info on next year's Crashed Ice HERE.

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