Outside of Rochester's own Winterfest, one of the coolest events of the winter here in Minnesota is now under construction in St. Paul.

I'm talking, of course, about the Crashed Ice course, part of the Red Bull’s ‘Crashed Ice’ series. It's the sport that features athletes skating four-wide down an iced track filled with twists, turns, drops and jumps, in attempt to secure the fastest time.

Crashed Ice made its debut in downtown St. Paul 6-years ago, back in 2011. And now, according to this CBS Minnesota story, worker are underway putting this year's course together in front of the St. Paul's Cathedral.

The competition is set for February 3rd and 4th, and, the story also notes that this year's track features a 12-story drop! It's pretty cool to see.

And, as it runs out, you can only see it here in Minnesota. Last year, Red Bull announced that the Minnesota course will be the only Crashed Ice series held in the United States this year.

Here's what last year's St. Paul competition looked like...

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