Phew! This insane weather has really made putting outfits together tough. I'll admit I've struggled to put mine together.

I did, however, noticed a theme to my outfits this week. Cardigans. ALL OF THEM. Why did I choose to wear so many? Well, at the time I just assumed I'd need them when our office gets cold. They're easy to take on or off. Then I noticed that they were starting to keep me comfortable outside too.

My tip to my fellow fashionistas this week is this: a good cardigan never hurt anyone. I have a whole section of my closet dedicated to them.

We can't trust what the weather will do, BUT, we know how to layer and keep arms covered. We can do this and still look cute. Cardigans are the answer.

Take a look at my #ootd moments from this week! Let me know what you think about what I put together!


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