The weather was perfect this past weekend to get in the water at a cool lake near our house. So that's just what we did, along with a few other things, too. Here's what it looked like...

We started the weekend out by noticing some storm damage that had happened during Wednesday's storms. A pretty good sized branch from our neighbor's tree had split in the wind and come down right on our fence in the backyard. (Shows how observant I am that I didn't notice it until a few days later!)

On Saturday, the sunshine, heat and humidity made it the perfect day to cool off in the water. Luckily for us, the Parks and Rec Department was hosting a Beach Party at Cascade Lake just a few miles from our house. We were able to get in the water and cool off -- while hearing about the future plans for the park too.

Later Saturday, we were just about to fire up the grill and toss on some chicken kabobs when a freak, stray shower drenched our deck. It was weird because as it was pouring, it was still sunny!

On Sunday, I got together with my brother and sister for a quick lunch up in Woodbury. My brother lives in St. Louis Park and my sister lives back in Wausau, WI, so it's not all that often our schedules line up for us to get together.

Thanks for check out the pictures!




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