So, did you enjoy that extra hour of sleep we all got when we fell back this weekend? We actually seemed to use it to get a bunch of stuff done around the house. Here's what my weekend looked like...

I started the weekend off Friday afternoon... with a nap! Getting up at 3:29 every morning really catches up with me by the time Friday rolls around, so to avoid being down for the count at 7:30, I try to catch a quick nap. Huck and Hazel were happy to help!

Last month, we found a great close-out deal on a new dryer, so our old very-much-still-working dryer had been just sitting in our garage. So, Saturday, we loaded it up in the back of my SUV (and it fit!) and I dropped it off at the Habitat For Humanity's ReStore-- couldn't have been easier!

Saturday night, some friends drove over from La Crosse and we grabbed dinner at Forager, then checked out the BoDeans show at Mayo Civic Center. We may have had a drink or two at Chester's after, too.

On Sunday, we got caught up around the house, did some shopping, made some chicken enchiladas and got caught up on some shows we've DVR'd. Thanks for checking out the pictures!

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