Never one to let an opportunity to tell an old joke, here's my tribute to Old Joke Day, which is celebrated this week... we think.


In doing some research online, I've found several different sources that all claim a different Old Joke Day. One article said it was Friday, July 21, while another article claimed it was actually Monday, July 24.

So, either way, here's one of my favorite old jokes. In case you missed it, I read the punchline to this killer joke on the air Tuesday morning. But, the thing is, you have to check out the video below to get the whole joke. (Which is totally worth it, mind you. Would I steer you wrong?!? Okay, don't answer that...)

Anyway, while the video will tell you the punchline and set-up, here's the punchline, just to whet your jokey appetite. Ready?

Punchline: "Because one more would make it two-forty."  Now, because the joke involves an accent, you can't get the full effect until you click on the video below. Check it out... and Happy Old Joke Day!


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