Memorial Day to Labor Day. This 100-day span is the deadliest on Minnesota roadways, and this past week was an example of it.

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According to the Minnesota Office of Traffic Safety, there have been 19 reported traffic fatalities since Wednesday, June 30th.

One traffic fatality is one too many, and a week after a stretch of deadly days on Minnesota roads,  the Minnesota Office of Traffic Safety wanted to remind Minnesota motorists to drive smart and have those conversations with our families and friends to drive safe.

Remind your teen drivers to drive smart every time they get behind the wheel.
Speak up about distracted driving when you are the passenger. Offer to be the designated texter.
Talk with your friends about parking the phone and lining up sober rides.
Without these conversations, we’ll continue to talk about our loved ones in the past tense.


Tuesday, KROC-AM News reported that Minnesota traffic deaths were up 40% when compared to last year and that there were 13 traffic fatalities in the state since the start of the Fourth of July holiday weekend travel period began last Thursday (July 1st).

Since then, there have been a reported six more fatalities on Minnesota roads, including one that was reported this morning when a pedestrian was killed while standing on a Twin Cities highway on Highway 36 in Roseville.

The total number of traffic fatalities on Minnesota roadways this year now stands at 221.

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