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Our chances for a white Christmas seem to be slipping farther and farther away as our weather has seemed more like October than December in Rochester lately.

If you thought the sunny skies and warm temperatures we've been experiencing lately here in southeast Minnesota haven't made it seem much like Christmas is just two weeks away, you're right: these are the temperatures we usually see in early OCTOBER, not December!

In fact, the high of 52 degrees we hit on Wednesday at Rochester International Airport was enough to tie a record originally set back in 1918! And, on average, these are high temperatures we usually experience when Halloween is two weeks, not Christmas.

According to the National Weather Service in La Crosse, the average high temperature for Rochester on December 9th is 29 degrees. (Yeah, we were 23 warmer than that this year!) And the average high for December 10th is 28 degrees (and, yeah, we'll be about 22 degrees above that this year too!) To find an average high of 50 degrees, you have to go back to October 11th-- nearly two months earlier!

Now, I'm not one to complain about warm and sunny weather, but I WILL say it's been tough to get into the holiday spirit this year with all this mild weather-- and without any snow. Although, come to think of it, we DID have snow back in October, so maybe it's Mother Nature just evening things out by giving us October weather now.

Thanks to the pandemic, though, with so many things already canceled or closed this year, it's been tricky to tell which day of the week it is. And all this warm weather now has me questioning what MONTH it is too. Can it just be 2021 already?!? If you, like me, need some help getting into the holiday spirit, keep scrolling to check out some of the best Christmas light displays in southeast Minnesota!

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