There are potholes popping up all over Faribault and the rest of Southern Minnesota. Those things can do some major damage and the damage can be costly! Luckily there's a way to file a claim for damage done to your car by a pothole.

If you hit a pothole it could do damage to your tires and wheels, and also your suspension. All of this adds up, but many people don't know that in some cases the state, city, or county is responsible and would have to pay for the repairs.

FOX 9 reports that MnDOT will pay for repairs if they determine they've known about the pothole long enough where they had a reasonable amount of time to fix it but hadn't.

In some cases the city is responsible. In St. Paul, they evaluate claims on a case-by-case basis. In Minneapolis, only in certain circumstances will they pay for the repairs.

The state statute says you need to file a claim within 180 days of the accident whether you're filing the claim with the state, city, or county.

You can file a claim with the state HERE. Or if you hit a pothole in St. Paul click HERE or Minneapolis click HERE.


Source: FOX 9


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