If you recall, back in July there was a Facebook event created to storm Area 51 on September 20th. The event had more than a million people planning to attend, with even more interested in the event.

The problem? Area 51 is an active military base and NOT a tourist attraction. People were encouraged not to come, and the event seemed to be more of a tongue in cheek event, than any actual "real" happening. Looking into the even further, it was taken down off of Facebook, and the creator had thought maybe a festival in one of the surrounding towns was doable. That didn't happen either, he pulled out of that.

So, does that mean that nobody showed up? Well, no, people did head out to Nevada. However, it was a lot less than the over 2 million that said they were attending, and those who got close to Area 51 and the gates? They did not storm them. Approximately 3000 people were in the area, and of those? Well according to CNN:

There was one alcohol-related arrest and a Canadian citizen was also arrested for indecent exposure, Lee said. One woman came close to crossing and she was briefly detained and released at the scene.
The sheriff said the Nevada Highway Patrol had also made a couple of arrests.
I am glad to see that most people who did decide to head out to Nevada, did not go to an active military base, and those that did, only went as far as the gates. Nobody "stormed" the area to see the aliens, if they do exist. My daughter wanted to go, but, I did not sign her permission slip.
Source: CNN.com

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