Computer technology has changed our lives in many ways. Both as a blessing and a curse. At least this screw-up didn't hurt or affect anyone long term.

But hey, it turns out we're not pregnant after all!

Young mother holding her baby
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Not that that would be horrible if my wife were expecting, but I have to admit I still had a mini-freak out this morning after receiving an email from Amazon alerting me that someone had purchased a gift off my baby registry.

Say what now?

I seriously had to read it a couple times before it really sunk in that this had to be some kind of mistake because neither my wife or myself had set this up... so that could only mean one other thing: SCAM.

According to CNN Money, Amazon mistakenly sent out the emails to a whole bunch of people.

An Amazon spokesperson has addressed the mistake and said a glitch caused the company to "inadvertently send a gift alert e-mail earlier today," and that Amazon was alerting affected customers.

While many who received the email chose to make light of the situation on social media, my heart does go out to those experiencing fertility issues and those who are unable to have children who received the email and considered it to be insensitive.

Hopefully Amazon will get this 'technical glitch' sorted out soon!

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