Just before the Vikings pulled off Sunday's 'Minnesota Miracle' win over the Vikings, the Saints coach apparently had a few gestures for Vikings fans.

In the few moments late in Sunday's game, after the Saints had just marched down and scored that field goal to take the lead over the Vikings, Saints head coach Sean Payton had apparently had enough of Vikings fans and their Skol chant.

In an apparent move to mock the purple and gold faithful, Payton-- almost sure his team had come back to take the lead was going to win-- did his own version of the Skol chant right before that fateful, final play.

The sports website 247Sports said they'd heard rumors that Payton had mockingly done the Skol chant towards the end of the game, but they finally found photographic evidence. Check out their Tweet below.

It sure looks like he's doing the Vikings beloved chant. Either that, or he's trying to signal something to his team on the field. It just goes to show that one doesn't want to anger the football powers that be like that-- because we all know what happened next!

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