I have a confession to make: I'm a pizza-holic!

You can catch me eating it as often as I can, at any of my favorite places to get pizza from throughout the country. In Rochester, due to proximity to my apartment, I often grabbed Little Caesars famous hot-n-ready pizza from their location just off North Broadway.

Imagine my surprise when I learned over the weekend that I'd no longer be able to do that. I found this on their front door.

TSM Rochester / Val Kleinhans

I have to ask, did this surprise you too?

My personal observations have shown me that this particular Little Caesars location was pretty busy. Customers were regularly snatching pizzas. I often had to wait behind two or three orders for a "hot-n-ready" selection to be baked. I just assumed business was good if they were selling pizza so often.

I can't claim to know that business was "bad" either. I'm just glad that at least one Little Caesars location (see above) is staying open in Rochester.

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TSM Rochester / Val Kleinhans