Many have seen the signs for Webster here in Rice County. When you search Webster Minnesota online you pretty much only get the following "Webster is an unincorporated community in Webster Township, Rice County, Minnesota, United States. The community is located at the junction of Rice County Roads 3 and 5. Porter Creek flows through the community." Well, we can add to that now, Webster is also home to a horse rescue that started in 2020, that has already rescued over 70 horses. The horse rescue was news to me, and I only recently found out about Healing Hearts and Hooves as the 501(c)3 non-profit was looking for volunteers to work at Twins games this year.

I sent out an email to healing Hearts and Hooves Horse Rescue to get some more information about the organization and as luck would have it I heard back from the founder of the rescue herself, Keri Bedeaux. I asked her for some more information in general about the organization, and ways people can volunteer if they wanted to support the organization. Here is what Keri had to say.

"I started Healing Hearts & Hooves in February of 2020, after personally saving horses from the slaughter pipeline. We have helped over 70 horses in the year we’ve been around. It’s important to know about us because we save horses from slaughter. Some will be adopted out and some will live out their days here at our sanctuary. I have a soft spot for the “underdogs”, the ones that are blind, or retired, or cannot be of use to most horse people anymore. We always need people to come stack hay, fill water, feed, clean stalls, etc."

According to the US Humane Society website "80,000+ horses are brutally slaughtered abroad each year so their meat can be shipped overseas for human consumption, including working, racing and companion horses—even ponies."

If you've got some interest in helping out the horse rescue, you can get more information from their website here.

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