Anytime there's a new addition to the family, it's a big deal. So, yeah, I guess I have an announcement to make about our little family.

We have a new member of the family... Asher!

He's an adorable 7-month-old Australian Cattle Dog we adopted late last week from Paws and Claws Humane Society here in Rochester. We'd been without a canine member of the family since August of 2015 when our beagle, Chance, left us.

Of course, our three feline family members (that'd be Finn, Huck and Hazel, all adopted from Paws and Claws and Camp Companion as well) have been keeping us company since then.

But I've always loved dogs, too, so when we met Asher, it was less that we picked him and more like he picked us. He made an immediate connection, and we couldn't let him get away!

So, this past weekend we slowly introduced him to the cats, and, all things considered, it's been going really well. He's such a good boy, and is incredibly sweet-- and pretty easy-going for a puppy. (In fact, in the video, he's pretty low key-- mainly because we'd just gotten back from a walk down at Cascade Lake.)

Anyway, take a look!

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