The time capsules had been buried in the southeast Rochester soil for nearly 35 years but were just recently unearthed. Here's what was in them.

According to this Post Bulletin story, the time capsules were buried at the site of Rochester's Golden Hill School when the school first closed back in 1982. That same site, just off 3rd Avenue along South Broadway, was recently sold and the school, which was 143 years old, was demolished. (Heck, even the hill itself was flattened out!)

But not before Rochester School district officials held one last open house for staff and students to walk through the old building-- and before they would open those time capsules, which they did last week, the story noted.

The story says the capsules-- which were actually two 5-gallon buckets-- were filled with mementos of life in the early 80's, including Polaroid pictures, cassette tapes, concert posters, book bags and t-shirts with the school's logo (The Golden Hill Bullfrogs!) on them.

Sadly, the story said, the capsules weren't waterproof, and Mother Nature and the passing of time had taken its effect, as some of the items were starting to decay. Still though, it was a pretty cool glimpse back in time to 35 years ago.

If we had to fill a time capsule today, we'd no doubt have to include a smart phone, right? Do you think it'd still work if one was dug up in a time capsule in 2052?!?


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