Dierks Bentley shared in October of 2018 that he has been working on a television show, set to air on the Fox network, which follows a bar in Nashville and its music business hopeful regulars as they try to make it big in Music City. Now, Bentley is not only revealing more details about that project, but also sharing news of another foray into the world of TV.

In an interview with Cody Alan on CMT Radio Live + After Midnite, Bentley explained that the previously announced show is "more of a 'Cheers of Nashville' kind of thing."

"Of course, you remember the show Cheers, based out of Boston," the country star elaborates. "This show revolves around a bar in Nashville, and you have this great bar owner, who's seen it all, been everywhere, and is kind of like a Sally Field type of character."

While the storyline will revolve around the very real premise of musicians trying to break into the industry, Bentley clarifies that the show will be set in a more romantic version of Nashville, and not necessarily reflect the way the rapidly-changing city is today. Instead, it will be more of a "hypothetical Nashville that we all think about. Not the crazy busy city it is now," he says.

Additionally, Bentley says he'll be exploring his zanier side with another premise based on his '90s country cover band. "One [TV show] is going to be about the Hot Country Knights," he goes on to say. "It's more of a Spinal Tap meets Curb Your Enthusiasm kind of situation."

Bentley also adds that for his first adventure into television, he's collaborating with a veteran of the business: one of the main writers behind Modern Family.

"I'm learning a lot about the TV business, but it's like having a song on hold," Bentley relates. "You write a song, and somebody puts it on hold, but that doesn't mean that it will make the record. It's a long ways to go. We will see!"

In the meantime, fans can catch Bentley at his day job on the 2019 Burning Man Tour, which kicks off on Jan. 17 in Canada.

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