The phrase, 'budge' in line is apparently pretty common here in Minnesota-- or do you 'cut' in line?

I've gotta admit, this one took me by surprise when I first heard it sometime last year. If you're a native Minnesotan, do you say 'budge in line,' or do you say, 'cut in line?'

For example, say you're waiting in the security line at U.S. Bank Stadium and your friend catches up with you and asks if it's okay to join the line right where you are. Would you say, "Sure, it's fine if you budge in line right here..."?

I've NEVER heard that phrase! Now, I know I'm not a native Minnesotan, but in the 8 years I've lived here in the Land of 10,000 Lakes, I've come to appreciate most things native to our great state.

But apparently, the 'budge in line' phrase passed me by. Chalk it up to another uniquely Minnesota-type phrase. (Kind of like a casserole here in Minnesota is, of course, a hot dish.) Growing up in Wisconsin, we'd always say, 'cut in line.' Sometimes it would be 'cutting' in line, as in, "Hey, no cutting in line, St. John!"

It was never 'budge in line' though. But according to this informal Twitter poll by Matt Brickman, a former WCCO-TV meteorologist, 58% of the over 1,500 Minnesotans who responded said they it that way. The 'cut in line' crowd was far fewer, coming in at only 42%. So, even a year later, you 'budge in liners' are still the majority, even though I've not heard people say it much.

So which is it, southeast Minnesota-- do you 'budge in line' or do you 'cut in line'?

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