It's just as common as the Minnesota Goodbye, and it's a lot shorter. Are you guilty of doing the Minnesota 'or no'?


Here in the Midwest, we do have a certain way of talking and phrasing things, don't we? It's no doubt the same for most geographical places-- whether it's New York City, Boston, someplace down in the deep south or here in Minnesota.

And while the Minnesota 'Or no' isn't quite as parodied as our 'You betcha!' phrases are, it's still something unique to our neck of the woods. I did it back when I lived in Wisconsin, and I was reminded of it again over the weekend when I overheard a group in front of me do the same thing.

I'd never noticed it until a friend of mine, who's from New Orleans (a place with their own unique way of talking!), noticed it and called me out on it.  So, do you do the Minnesota 'Or no'? (Check out the video to see what I'm talking about...)


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