This piercing is said to be the cure-all for migraine headaches. Have you done it? If not, would you? 

Cat Thisius
Cat Thisius

A Daith piercing is right at the entrance of the ear canal. It’s said to be a painful piercing that is prone to infection, if not properly cleaned. Even still, if it helps with your migraines, would you do it?

 Some people who have received a Daith piercing have coincidentally found improvement with their migraine headaches. It is not universal, and it is has not been studied formally. The correlation is based on the success for some people with acupuncture in the same region of the Daith piercing.”

According to Minnesota Doctor Dr. Thomas Cohn.

I saw another friend on Facebook raving about this piercing. I have yet to hear anything bad about it. People say it works, does it?

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