There are many things I actually don’t mind about winter here in Minnesota, but the constant salt and grime accumulating on the rear window of my SUV isn’t one of them.

Does this get under your nerves during the winter too? (CSJ/TSM-Rochester)
Does this get under your nerves during the winter too? (CSJ/TSM-Rochester)

Outside of those really cold days when the temperature doesn’t even get above zero, I actually kind of like winter. I like to get outdoors during the winter (we even bought new snowshoes last year) and I don’t mind having to wear extra sweatshirts, sweaters and long sleeve shirts to stay warm.

But, here’s my on pet-peeve about winter: I am not a fan of the dirt and grime that constantly ends up on the rear window of my SUV. I’m not sure why all the grit and dirt from the road seems to accumulate more on the back window of my SUV than on other cars, but it always seems to be dirty. Always!

Then, you’re forced to use the rear wiper blade to clear the salt and grime away so you can see behind you. But, once you do that, you’re left with this odd-looking rainbow on the back window.

So, in what can probably be described as some borderline wintertime OCD-isms, I go to great lengths to keep that back window clear. I have a squeegee in the garage I’ll use to clean the window (after wiping some clean snow on it), and I even have a bunch of old towels and rags I’ll use to wipe the window off once it’s dry. In fact, unless I’m really in a hurry, I usually won’t leave the garage until the back window has been cleaned. That’s how much I don’t like have a dirty rear window!

It’s all a little odd, I’m sure. Do you have any winter pet peeves?

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