Samm and Val have explored the world of Bitmoji, and wow is it weird!

Here's the thing... we both discovered, during Whine Time! this week, that our Bitmoji avatars don't actually look like us - AT ALL. Aren't they supposed to!? Or, did we get that wrong? Help!

Okay, so now that we've established the fact that bitmojis sometimes don't actually look like us (and, if we're honest, you can spend hours perfecting them!), let's ask this question - are they still just as fun?

Samm says yes. Val is still figuring out how to work the darn thing. Here's hoping she figures it out soon!!

What do your bitmoji avatars look like? How similar are they to you, really? Post yours below or on Facebook! Let's become....


Or, well, get a good laugh anyway - because, why not?

WE DON'T GET BITMOJI AVATARS PEOPLE! LOL! See you next week for another edition of Whine Time!

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