My son splits his time between preschool and grandma's house when mom and dad are at work. Last week, on a grandma's day, so I went to pick him up in the middle of that snowfall during the afternoon.

When I arrived I noticed that the driveway hadn't been cleared yet, so I drove past the house to turn around and park on the street near the curb. When I came in to the house to pick up my kid, they asked me why I didn't park in the driveway.

I explained that I thought proper Minnesota protocol was to not drive onto a driveway that hadn't been shoveled yet to avoid packing down the snow with tire tracks. The tracks are such a massive pain in the butt to try to scrape off and some people (myself included) really don't want to have to deal with it!

They explained that they 'couldn't give a crap less,' and told me to just move my car into the driveway. I was shocked by this invitation because I thought it was proper Minnesota protocol to not drive onto the snowy driveway but apparently it's only me who cares I guess?

Regardless, I will continue to fight the good fight and not park my car on a snowy driveway. I was so conflicted that I even shoveled the driveway for them before I pulled my car in!

What are some of the other unwritten rules of a Minnesota winter?

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