I've had so many near-misses on the road from distracted drivers.  Hwy 52 and Hwy 14 are horrible and have so many drivers who seem to think that they can drive 60+ mph and have their head down while texting.  A new law will be in effect in August but until then...I guess we just keep our guard up for that swerve as someone is finding the perfect emoji for the text...or doing what this lady is doing in the video.

I'm not a fan of drivers who can't pay attention and who put my life and my kids' life at risk.  A text message, snapchat streak, or updating your status on Facebook is not as important and I call 911 a lot when I see this happening on the roads.  The reality is, some drivers flip me off when I honk at them...and I really don't care.  At least for one second you were looking up while you gave me the middle finger.

I found this video on the Minnesota Sheriffs' Association Facebook page that shows a woman driving on 394 up in the Twin Cities.  She wasn't texting but go ahead, watch what she was doing.

I know, she wasn't on her cell phone, her eyes were at least on the road, but her hands were not on the wheel at all.  What would she have done if she had to swerve out of the way for debris in the road or if there was an accident up ahead where she had to slam on her brakes and swerve?  If you must eat breakfast in the car, at least pick something that doesn't require both hands if you are the driver.

My rant is over...but just know, if you are driving and are distracted and you are swerving in my lane or anywhere near me, 911 is on my speed-dial.

If you see someone that is distracted while they are driving, I've got a few tips to help all of us stay a little bit safer on the road:  What To Do If You See Someone Texting While Driving

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