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There's a hiking trail in Northern Minnesota that is said to be haunted. I'd advise not going on this hiking trail alone. It's in Thief River Falls, MN, and the trail is called Dead Man's Trail. Yep, already sounding pretty spooky.

Dead Man's Trail is an unpaved trail that runs along the Red Lake River. According to Only in Your State, this trail "may have been used by Native Americans long ago." A Native American woman is actually the first person that may haunt Dead Man's Trail.

The story says that this Native American woman was running from people that were chasing her while carrying her newborn baby. She decided that it was too dangerous to keep carrying her baby as the baby was slowing her down. So she decided to lay the baby hidden off the trail and kept running. Later she returned to her baby but discovered that the baby was placed too close to the Red Lake River and had been swept away. Some people say you can see an apparition of this woman walking along the river looking for her baby. Others say you can hear her crying.

The other story of who may haunt Dead Man's Trail is a man who was wanted for murder. They say that this man hid in a cave near the river and was able to escape. Only in Your State says that there is no cave along the river and that "many speculate that it could have been filled in with large rocks and soil." This man may be another ghost haunting the trail.

What do you think about these stories? Do you believe them? Would you be brave enough to venture out on this trail in the dark, alone?

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