Country star Drake White will take the stage at Winstock tonight (Friday). I got to chat with him, and I asked him what his worst job was. He shared graphic details about an awful job. Listen here. 

I got the opportunity to meet Drake White when he was in the cities for a cancer benefit. Him, Josh Turner, Jessie James Decker and Dustin Lynch teamed up an acoustic show. Truthfully, I didn't realize just how amazing Drake was until I saw him live. There were 3 other incredible singers there, and I came home talking about Drake White. I have a feeling within in the next year or two, he will be in our power rotation, and one of the biggest things in country music.

He's a pretty down to earth person, and our conversation was a blast. He loves Minnesota, and we love him. Take a listen to the interview, and him talking about the crappiest job EVER!

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