There weren't a lot of good things that came out of the last year but the reemergence of the drive-in theater is definitely one of the bright spots. The experience of loading your family into the car, stopping for snacks, and driving up to watch a movie from your car under the stars is so much fun. I'm excited to see drive-in movies will continue in Rochester this summer.

Pandemic Pictures Presents will show a movie every weekend, both Friday and Saturday from May 7th through Saturday, October 2. Below you'll see more information about the movies they've announced for the month of May.

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Drive-In Movies in May at The Olmsted Co. History Center

The movies will start at dusk (between 9-9:30 PM) and will be shown on a massive 50’ by 28’ video screen. Prior to each movie, a local musician will perform. Tickets are $25 per car.

2021 Drive-In Movies at the Olmsted Co. History Center

Drive-In movies are back for the summer of 2021. Pandemic Pictures will be showing movies each Friday and Saturday from May through October at the Olmsted Co. History Center in Rochester. *The Drive-In is closed for a private event on Saturday, May 22nd.

Check out the movies that have been announced below.

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