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Out of all the houses he could have broken into, this Wisconsin guy just happened to choose the one rented by several police officers.

Considering the odds involved, this guy should probably channel his luck into something not illegal, like maybe buying a lottery ticket. Once he's out of jail, that is. Because out of all the houses in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, this guy chose to break into the Airbnb that was rented by... a bunch of cops.

In a story that happened over the Memorial Day weekend, TikTok user Charles Pesola (a sheriff's deputy from Montana who goes by @sheriffk9misty) documented what happened when he and several other deputies found a 19-year-old who'd entered the home they were renting by mistake.

That's right. The dude broke into the rented house in Milwaukee-- after having had what must have been a LOT to drink-- and found himself not at home, but instead in the Airbnb that Pesola and several other deputies had rented while they were in Wisconsin for training.

Deputy Pesola posted the hilarious video on TikTok a few days ago, and the story went viral when several news outlets picked it up over the long holiday weekend. The video (which has now been viewed over a million times) includes an appearance by officers from the Milwaukee police department, who arrived to take the unwanted guest away.

In a follow-up video on his page, Deputy Pesola noted that the 19-year-old wasn't charged with any crime (there wasn't even a report written he says), and was simply too intoxicated to realized he'd stumbled into the wrong home-- a home loaded with cops, as he says. You can check the entire video out below.

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