According to, there was a nakedness incident at a hotel/rooming house. A 46-year-old was charged with lewd and lascivious* behavior...and disorderly conduct.

What was he doing? Being nekkid in the laundry room. And holy smokes was he drunk. But it looks like this story starts a little earlier than when the police were called... because the hotel says it was the SECOND TIME he was caught naked in the laundry room.

He said he was just doing his laundry and had nothing to officer grabbed a pair of jeans for him, did a quick blood alcohol test and he blew a .284, three times the legal limit to drive.

*If you're like me, you're wondering what you have to do to be considered lascivious...

CREDIT: Merriam-Webster - Click for link.
CREDIT: Merriam-Webster - Click for link.

Here's a NON-Naked story about some awesomeness in Wisconsin. It was early in the pandemic when a neighbor delivered a beer by remote control car. The video is awesome. Just click HERE.

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